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What’s Your Favorite Linux Distro?

I’m on the look-out for a good rock-solid Linux distribution, mostly for coding, casual surfing and multimedia –, an all-around solution basically. I realize most distributions offer exactly that and it’s basically a matter of finding what works for you; however, I can never settle for something for a long time…I get bored and want to test something

Pancake Development Roadmap (and more)

I have been communicating with Mr. Khalil on all sorts of topics regarding Pancake – he is the author of this software. In my discussions with him I raised concerns about security and how Pancake would handle traffic, among other issues. These issues was promptly answered and he included the Pancake development roadmap, which might be of

Google pours money into Israeli startups

I keep seeing and hearing about various start-ups being promoted and even funded by Google, all the time. Nothing wrong with that, though. Just last week they helped fund a new start-up project in Israel. Describing Google’s own start-up, they wrote: [blockquote]In 1998, when Larry and Sergey founded Google, we were a start-up in a

Re-mounted the CPU water block

Hi friends,   I decided to re-mount my water block for the CPU today because I suspected my temperatures were higher than what they ought to be with such a good water block (see photographs of it here) and yes, the water block must have been mounted somewhat poorly. I cleaned both the CPU and

My Rosetta@home Statistics

I went from nothing to seventy thousand points in just a couple of days. Check out this ninety day graph: I’m probably adding another computer to my account in a week or so. I just have to upgrade one item for it first. Right now only one box and one of my laptops is crunching away for

Sorry for the Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, and not just on this blog, but also at other web pages I help maintain. I am sick, there’s a error with my thyroid gland. So nothing that won’t be fixed with the right treatment. Sorry for disappointing some of my detractors  This fault in my thyroid gland has made me