My custom Raspberry Pi 3 case

This is my custom Raspberry Pi 3 case — the material is birch wood and might have been sourced at Birkenau (I’m joking). However, it is birch wood, though. The plan is to use this RPi3 as another device for various development tasks.
My RPi 2 Model B is feeling rather sluggish when it comes to compiling projects, etc,. Hence, this upgraded device will certainly help in that respect.

Here are some inexcusably poor photographs. I’m stuck with an awful camera at the moment


New system up & running!

Video Description

Combobulated is the keyword (is that even a word?)

At any rate, this is a system I pulled together from bits and pieces and a CPU which was sent to me from Hong Kong. The CPU is a E8400, socket 775.

Motherboard? Asus Maximus Extreme, see: http://k0nsl.org/bag/hardware/Asus_Maximus_Extreme/

Cooling? It’s passively cooled by a Thermochill PA120.3.

Temperatures? It idles at about 45 °C so heat is not much of an issue. If it becomes one I’ll just slap on a fan or three ;-)

OS? Jewbuntu ;-/

I’m still not entirely sure what purpose the system will serve nor am I fully decided on what type of OS to run. Only time will tell.

Overclocking? At the moment it’s running at 4960MhZ (9 ratio @ 440 FSB): so out of the box I’ve gained almost two gigahertz from it. It’s currently undergoing stress testing at this speed. The only worries I have is with the northbridge heat. It’s a bit toasty

Sorry about the crappy video: I’m not very good at filming, or even putting together a clip. I rush it and it comes out as a confabulated mess. Plus, Sony is not really helping out much in lieu of the horrendous focus-problem they have with their cameras. Blergh.


CPU: Intel E8400
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Extreme (X38), never used.
Memory: Kingston Hyperx 16 GiB
HDD: Seagate 1TB (only one for now)
Pump: Laing DDCv1
Waterblock: Swiftech Storm
Radiator: Thermochill PA120.3
Reservoir: EK Dual Bay

…alas, a whole system which only cost me about $18 bucks, excluding the costs for the already available hardware. Oh, and don’t fret: Ah’ll put the stuff in a case, very soon. This is only for testing purposes


The E8400 Finally Arrived

My Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 finally arrived from Hong Kong today. It cost me less than $19 altogether. And I already have a board for it – my Asus Maximus Extreme. A board I have never even used. It’s in mint condition.

I’m not exactly sure what use I will have for it at the moment but I can think of a few useful scenarios. More on that at a later date. I will first of all have to see if it even functions

Here’s how it arrived:


Fix AMD Mouse Corruption

This is only a temporary fix for the dreaded “AMD Mouse Corruption”-issue, not a final solution by any means. If all the other solutions has failed, such as re-flashing your card with another BIOS, or whatever else you may have tried, then perhaps this will be of benefit for you. It’s just a simple solution to a very annoying issue.

This is what I did to temporarily fix the issue while not gaming, because the mouse corruption appears in Windows as well, which complicates my work. Very irritating to say the least!

Enough jabber, here’s how to get it (temporarily) resolved in Windows 8.1, but it should work the same way for most versions – just locate your device manager:

Press your Windows key + F and search for “Device Manager”, or open it by pressing your Windows key + X to access the Power User Menu and locate “Device Manager” in the menu. But here is how I usually do it:

Open it up and browse to “Display adapters” and click on the properties:

Click the “Driver”-tab and disable it. As you can tell, mine is already disabled. So whenever you wish to use it, just reverse the procedure and presto! You’ve got no more mouse corruption.

Another option is to use the iGPU if you’re running Intel as I do, then just switch the HDMI cable to your motherboard – and voila! No more mouse corruption. A bit of a hassle, some may say, but in the end it’s worth it because this issue is – as I say- very irritating and annoying. You’d think AMD would’ve fixed it by now. It’s been a decade or something now, I forget, but they have not addressed the issue. At any rate, I know of no such fix from AMD and I’ve tried every damn solution out there and none of them work. The only ones that temporarily resolves it are the ones I have listed in this post.

That’s it. Over and out


My Next “Big Upgrade”..

I am almost 100% decided on the next upgrade for the box, which will be used mainly for gaming and a bit of development work, decided to keep the current case instead of spending extra bucks on some fancy pantsy solution, for no real purpose. The case which I currently got is sufficient for what I’ll do, it’s a H70 from Corsair:

Right now, it looks a bit different inside, but that’s the case I’ll reuse for my next “big upgrade”. I was tempted to get the Corsair Carbide Air 540 Cube Case or a Lian-Li case, but I honestly don’t need a new case. So I will rather save those bucks and put them to use for something else…

So as of today the current list of critical components that I will be buying looks like this:

  • Intel Core i7-4770K
  • Kingston DDR3 HyperX Beast 32GB
  • ASUS Radeon R9 290X 4GB GDDR5
  • Asus Maximus VI Extreme, Socket-1150

That’s pretty much the only things I need, so far. I don’t count the miscellaneous accessories, such as the NZXT Kraken G10 and watercooler for the GPU, but yeah, things like that eat up the bucknicks too. I have most of the other stuff, like SSDs and regular mechanical 3,5 inch HDDs, in surplus. A new monitor will be bought in early January, had my eyes on a 29″ inch from Asus — the Asus 29″ LED MX299Q:

Very nice bezel too. I like that kind
It appears to be a pretty good monitor all-around. I’ve almost made up my mind about buying it.

stm asked me in #taunet:

no broadwell?

I didn’t know when Broadwell was due and don’t have the patience to wait for it, either…

I might post another update if things change, but this is pretty much final.


Trisquel 6.0 LTS “Toutatis” is out

Trisquel 6.0 LTS ‘Toutatis’ Trisquel 6.0 LTS ‘Toutatis’

Trisquel 6.0 LTS “Toutatis” has been released! I have decided to mirror the 64 bit 700MB ISO that is bundled with GNOME, here on k0nsl.

Some key features of the 6.0 release are:

  • Linux-Libre 3.2
  • Xorg
  • Abrowser 19
  • GNOME 3.4
  • LibreOffice 3.5

Trisquel is an Ubuntu-based distribution that strictly uses free software as defined by Free Software Foundation’s guidelines.

To read the official release announcement, please see:



Download Toutatis (64 bit)


NetBSD 6.1 RC1 released

Jeff Rizzo over at the NetBSD blog has compiled a condensed list of highlights for this release:

NetBSD 6.1 will be the first feature update for the NetBSD 6 branch. There are many new drivers, some new features, and many bug fixes! Highlights include:

  • Bugfixes and feature improvements to NPF, the NetBSD Packet Filter
  • Improvements to several ARM platforms, including Raspberry Pi which now has nearly-complete support.
  • Support for dtrace on amd64
  • MIPS ports switched to gdb 7.3.1, gdb6 removed
  • Additional device support in key drivers including wm(4), uftdi(4), mfi(4), bge(4), aac(4), tlp(4) and others.
  • Various port-specific improvements to the amiga, arm, sparc64 and x68k ports.

I have been using NetBSD a lot for various projects throughout the years and fully endorse this project.

NetBSD 1.5.1

The above image is a NetBSD disk from a Scandinavian store which I used to support by purchasing their products – I have loads. This one is NetBSD 1.5.1 – definitely classed as “NetBSD paraphernalia” by today’s standards.


Downloads and Mirrors

For the AMD64 ISO I’ve mirrored it here, see:


Alternatively use the direct link to the .iso, here:


For official mirror list follow the below link: