Category: Benchmarking

Vultr Hosting: London Benchmark

A quick and rudimentary benchmark of Vultr Hosting’s London region/location. More as a personal note than anything — could perhaps be useful for other people as well. I’ve had this particular VPS for almost two months and it has been up for 58 days so far. I use this VPS specifically for IRCd, linked to

Sago Networks: Two Quick Benchmarks

Me and kollek bought two Xeon E3 dedicated servers from Sago Networks almost three days ago, and here’s two quick benchmarks which I ran on them. The servers are only loaded with Proxmox VE at the moment — so they’re more or less running stock — nothing else is running on them. All fresh and

PetaByet Benchmark for

I migrated my KVM box earlier today from a box running an old Xeon 5150 — with minimal downtime thanks to some ingenuity by redirecting all traffic via reverse proxy to this tweet: Doing backups of ‘gl0bocnik’ (assorted + blog) with possible migration to new server. — k0nsl (@k0nsl) 9. Juli 2014 It worked like

New Dr.Server Benchmark

Mr. Kolakovic was nice enough to let me beta test their new Xen PV based service from their “BlazingFast” product line. So here is my somewhat truncated test, I have only done the most pertinent tests that I can think of. For real evaluation I’m running a Seafile instance on it, synchronized between three boxes. First, here’s

BuyVM Quick Test

A somewhat rushed test for VPS provider BuyVM ( Just enough to let somebody get an overall idea about the service. I might update this post in the future, especially to format it in a decent manner. I’m revamping the entire blog in three months. So for now it will look like junk As for

Initial EcoVM Networks Tests [updated]

I’m beta testing a KVM VPS from EcoVM Networks at the moment. If their service continues to be good, I plan on keeping it, and expand the IRC network by adding another server on this VPS. Right now I’m just doing the basic tests, then I will do more intensive tests :) [divider]VPS specs[/divider] CPU