Busy bee.

Sorry for lack of updates here but I’ve been really busy with various projects. Not only that my main machine died again the other day – motherboard. Again.

That might be a sign that ASRock is a brand one ought to be wary about. I’ll be switching to ASUS again: that brand has hardly ever failed me. The only downside is that they’re more expensive, but in this case I guess one does get what one pay for 

So I’m sorry about not updating.

One interesting update is that I endorse Zorin instead of Linux Mint although the former sure is excellent but I personally found Zorin to be the better choice for me. Try it yourselves and see which one you prefer. I’ve been torn between Mint, Zorin and JoliOS but I went with Zorin for now – I’ll test it more intensively before I make the final choice.


As for projects I’ve been involved with launching a new social community called JubbAds (and no it doesn’t contain one line of code that generates advertisements in any form or shape he he).

It’s assumed public beta status now so I welcome those interested to try it:

JubbAds Social Community.

Not much else. For now.

Take care,


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