“Do people feel all Holocaust believers are liars and frauds?”



Somebody who’s been around the Holocaust topic for many years (he calls himself “Blogbuster”) asked these questions of me on a forum run by somebody named Scott Smith. This Scott character seriously reminds me of Randall Winston in the TV-show Spin City, for some, inexplicable reason.



Here are the questions which “Blogbuster” asked:

Question for our resident revisionists and guests,

What are your view of Holocaust believer? Do you feel we are deluded? Are we charlatans and frauds? Are we colluding in a global Jewish conspiracy, or are we simply victims of one?

Do you think all believers are united in such a conspiracy?

What do you think motivates people to memorialise the events of the Holocaust and oppose your challenges to traditional historical beliefs?

I am interested to hear from you.


My short reply to his questions:

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Well, doesn’t the very term “believer” answer most of the questions? I used to say, there’s Holocaust Believers and then there’s Holocaust Enforcers – the latter group merely exists to safeguard the Holycaust story, with any means they have at their disposal – even criminal methods.
As for Holocaust Believers: I’ve learnt throughout the years that most of them either want to believe in the Holocaust, or they simply believe because they have been fed the stories of the Holocaust since an early age.
It was the same for myself, when I was a Holocaust Believer. I think they started feeding me that BS in the sixth grade, or something like that. But of course I had learned about it from shows on TV and in books a bit earlier than that (I watched documentaries at a very early age, it was always an interest to me).

If you take away:

  •  The grossly exaggerated numbers
  •  Systematic plan to exterminate all Jews
  •  Extermination in chemical facilities such as: underground morgues, howels, cars, trucks and more
  •  Wild gunslingers on the Eastern Front

The story would have become somewhat acceptable, but would immediately be overshadowed by far, far greater crimes committed by the very same ethnic group who claims to have been “holocausted”! If you take away those insane claims we end up with a bit of personal tragedy, hardly a “holocaust” in any sense of the word – not from the way I see it. If the Jews would just prod themselves with these stories and leave us out of the equation, then it would also be more acceptable. As it is now, with all these ‘holocaust jippos’, many people are actually starting to think very little of it and minimizing true instances which befell them – such as the slight persecution they endured, hardships in the camps due to lack of supplies – but of course that cannot be a German crime, because it was the Allied planes who shot everything on sight.
People don’t want to be shoved this BS into the face every time they open up a magazine or switch on the TV and they’re getting sick of hearing about the ‘holocaust’ as an excuse to exterminate other peoples and cultures.
If the Jews only kept this BS amongst themselves and stopped using it as a guilt-weapon against others I’m sure it would be tolerated a bit more. But the whacky claims of ‘gas chambers’ (didn’t the Sonderkommandoes race bicycles in them to keep themselves fit?) and the absurd gunslinger stories must be dropped for the story to become more acceptable and less susceptible to inquiry. That’s all.

What people seem to forget is that most people were believers at some point in their life, until they started to pry into the claims. In my case it was the absolute rubbish in eyewitness testimony that gave it away. I spent years going through what they themselves claimed to have been through, or what they claimed others went through – THAT is exactly what I tell newbies to do, read the testimonies and the claims (one resource for that is the fraud organisation claimscon.org) – remember to read their stories with an open mind, and with the ability to compare and analyse their stories in an objective manner. That’s how the stories fell apart in my case. For the most part. 

All the best,


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