Beware of Hitler’s Children

I must say that I watch a lot of documentaries just to get updated on mainstream claims, I watch them almost on a daily basis — that is to say, whenever I find one that is of interest.

Today I found one by Guido Knopp, the notorious falsifier of modern German history. The title of the one I watched today is “Hitler’s Children”, the “Seduction” part. I barely made it through the first minutes but tried my best to watch it until the end. It’s available on YouTube, just make a search for it should you wish to watch this horseshit.

In any case I wanted to warn others of this malicious filth as it is propaganda in the most crudest form one can imagine. I really didn’t expect any thing different seeing as this comes from Guido Knopp who is famous for this.

I made two short comments on YouTube where this “documentary” was featured:

In reality it is Herr. Guido Knopp who preys on children.

Just a heads up to any one who thought of watching this. Do it, but be wary of it.


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