Makonix: YourServer (Stockholm)

One of my VPSes from Makonix “YourServer” — this one is located in Sweden, Stockholm.

Benchmark reuslts:

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Allgemeine Informationen

Prozessor : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Prozessor-Kerne : 1
Taktfrequenz pro Kern: 1745.935 MHz
Arbeitsspeicher : 256 MB
Laufzeit : 3:32,

Netzwerk Benchmark

Download Geschwindigkeit: OVH (FR): 5.08MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Edis (AT): 5.50MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Netcologne (DE): 6.37MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: FSIT (CH): 4.62MB/s
Download Geschwindigkeit: Softlayer (Hong Kong): 3.55MB/s

Festplatten Benchmark

I/O Performance [1]: 721 MB/s
I/O Performance [2]: 633 MB/s
I/O Performance [3]: 657 MB/s

CPU Benchmark

real 0m20.903s
user 0m10.174s
sys 0m0.221s


I’ve been quite pleased so far with their service. You can get yours at

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