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I just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre scribblings in a long time, within the pages of ““, titled:

The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 2

The Family That Preys Together…Stays Together

In that article the author (Ken Adachi?) has posted a photograph where he claims that George Herbert Walker Bush is in a mountain lodge somewhere in Germany together with Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann and Mengele! He says it is in 1938.

See the below photo:


First of all none of the persons in that photograph look German, the room does not look German and the construction of that window does not look German. But those things aside: if you ever saw a photograph of Dr. Josef Mengele he looks nothing like the man in the picture presented on Ken Adachi’s site, and certainly Martin Bormann never looked like the guy in that photograph, either. And the furniture and decorations of this room look to be more in the 50s rather than in the 30s. This Ken Adachi appears to thrive on churning out similar junk stories on his web page, for example one article about Martin Bormann:

This Bormann article is equally bizarre – if not worse. It is difficult to really judge which one of them is more bizarre. Ken Adachi claims most of his information comes from a guy named Eric Bermen [1] who in turn alleges he got his information from Otto Skorzeny.

Anybody can be the judge about the truthfulness of this, I do not think one needs to dissect their stuff in-depth. Even somebody ignorant of history should be able to pierce this nonsense.

The thing was this, I stumbled upon a link posted by Henry Makow [2] which had some interesting — or so I first thought — information about the Boston bombing but then I looked around in their web page for a brief moment and began finding page after page with one bizarre story after the other. And after my encounter with these Skorzeny-tall-tales I’m not putting any of my trust in anything found on that site. My instinct tell me that this Ken Adachi is a disinformation artist and therefore I think one ought to be wary of anything by him and his friend Berman, and of course anything found on their web page. By the way, I’m terribly sorry to be so brief about it, however, I feel that going in-depth about this would be a waste of my time. I’m merely putting out a warning here


1. A variant of “Berman”; a Jewish name.

2. Also Jewish, for what it’s worth. And here’s the link posted by Makow:


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