Back Online: CODOH Revisionist Forum

One of the arguably best forums on the discussion of ‘Holocaust’ issues is back with us again, albeit with a new address. The Moderator makes the following announcement in the topic WE ARE BACK:

To make a long story short, we had to switch to a new server, rather abruptly as you probably noticed.

We’re still experiencing some problems, but It looks like various glitches are being sorted out. I started a ‘WE ARE BACK’ thread yesterday which we lost when making some software corrections. I believe that should be the last of that.

In the meantime:
– Please re-set your Bookmarks / Favorites
– We have had a problem where new registrants couldn’t post, I’m investigating that now, but believe it is largely solved.
– There may be a few problems here & there, let us know about them.
– Yes, the CODOH Revisionist Forum looks very different. This is subject to re-design.

We’re glad to be back.

The new, updated and definitive address is: http://forum.codoh.com.

So update your links, and if you’re not a registered member yet – do sign up and participate in the many interesting discussions 



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  1. I love this forum, it is best! very happy it got back online!

    The forum even says:

    The CODOH Revisionist Forum: The best forum for Holocaust revisionism!

  2. I agree with you, it is best forum on the holocaust topic :)

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