Author: k0nsl

My personal NAS

I built a personal NAS[1] solution back in November of 2015 and it is a “budget solution” mostly based on hardware I already had lying around here at home. It consists of the following hardware: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz Motherboard: ASUS P8B75-MLE Memory: 8GB Kingston HyperX Disks: 1 WD Red 2TB for

_h5ai on ‎LiteSpeed Web Server

To get rid of “Javascript disabled error” when running _h5ai on LSWS, you’ve got to edit the following file: /path_to/public_html/_h5ai/server/php/inc/class-bootstrap.php Jump to line 72: As you can already tell I’ve commented out the following line: define("APP_HREF", Util::normalize_path(dirname(dirname(dirname($script_name))), true)); You’ve got to do the same, else it won’t work on LSWS. Alas, replace the above line

Eric Hunt’s Documentaries

Hi friends, I have mirrored [1] most of Eric Hunt’s documentaries, spread out over several different servers around the world. You will be geolocated to a location that is closest to where you are, in most cases. This is particularly true for his documentary “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” which is spread across six different

An update on the ‘subrosa situation’

Hi friends, As most of you know by now the entire network hosted by subrosa is dead due to the following reason: Now you know why you cannot reach it. At any rate: some of the people in our group say they had trouble getting on the self-hosted version that is maintained by myself, so

Benchmark of my E8400

A benchmark of my overclocked E8400. You can read about the details of this system in this post. [divider]System Specs[/divider] RAM 8 GB HDD 1827 GB CPU Model Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz CPU Cores 2 CPU Speed 4095 MHz CPU Cache 6144 KB [divider]UnixBench[/divider] UnixBench (w/ all processors) 3102.4 UnixBench (w/ one

New system up & running!

[divider]Video Description[/divider] Combobulated is the keyword (is that even a word?) At any rate, this is a system I pulled together from bits and pieces and a CPU which was sent to me from Hong Kong. The CPU is a E8400, socket 775. Motherboard? Asus Maximus Extreme, see: Cooling? It’s passively cooled by a