Are Foreign Lobbies Legal or Treason?

Adolf Hiter said in Mein Kampf on the coming struggles:

“No one can doubt that this world will one day be exposed to the severest struggles for the existence of mankind. In the end, only the urge for self-preservation will triumph.

Beneath it so-called humanity — that expression of a mixture of stupidity, cowardice and know-it-all conceit — will melt like snow in the March sun. Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle, and only in eternal peace will it perish.”

Are Foreign Lobbies Legal or Treason?

To me, and I hope also to you, it would be most incomprehensible that any citizen loyal to his country, would be willing to be used as one who would influence his fellow patriot in favor for another state/nation other than his own. In nearly every western country a Jewish lobby is working to influence that country’s government’s elected officials, or its parliament, down to its local politicians and citizens, to become positive to their particular and special interests for Israel, and which would be detrimental to their own country and welfare. Why is it that Jews try to influence the world in regards to Israel and themselves? I can’t, and will not except, knowingly, if a countryman of mine wants to influence his fellow citizens behalf of another nation,especially to hurt his own nation, for to me such behaviour is high treason, whether in peace times or in times of war.. If Jews, or any other non-citizen  living in my country want to influence my politicians to the benefit of Israel, or another country, then they can not be looked upon as citizens of my country, or any other country.

Do Jews assimilate?

Throughout history Jews have never, truly assimilated within their host nations. Many had changed their names to meld with the country and their national language to put up a facade to show that they are patriotic citizens of their ‘adopted’ country, and abide by its laws. But, too many facts, and proofs have surfaced that show they never wanted to assimilate while showing to be patriotic towards the country they live in. Neither did take any menial positions; stop to think, have you ever seen one with a pick or shovel in his hands, or work in a factory on a production line? These were not the jobs they seek, and scream discrimination as they sought positions of influence and power.

Following are a few quotes regarding their thoughts of patriotism for their host nation, but not, interestingly enough, with regard to themselves:

“Do we want to become citizens of this country or not? We are not English, we are nationalized Jews, Jew by race and religion and NOT English.” From the newspaper “The Sunday Chronicle,” Manchester, England 24 February 1915

“I believe national pride is a lot of nonsense,” Bernhard Mannes Baruch in “The Chicago Tribune” September 9, 1935

“The Jews detests the spirit of the nation in the midst of which they live,” Bernhard Lazare in “Anti-Semitism, its History and Causes”

“A childish weakness of grand style is the name I would give to the love of one’s country,” Rabbi Bernhard Fisher, “Talmudic Chrestomatia” page 230.

“There must be no assimilation. We are a peculiar people, and a peculiar people we must remain,” Basil M Henriques reported in South African “Zionist Record” January 29, 1939

“To a Jew, naked loyalty is an incomprehensible; a bewildering thing,” Mirice Samuel in “You Gentile” page 96.

These quotes definitely show that Jews never will assimilate with the nations they seek to control. This should give the impetus to stand up to them and say “NO!” if they want their host country to give them certain privileges or treatment. Furthermore, it should be a guidance to every country’s politicians to turn down any and all proposals from every foreign and Jewish lobby.

“Europe thinks as Jews; all her society is Jewish or is controlled by Jews…….. There is no program, no idea or conviction a European has that is his own— they all come from the Jews,” Samuel Roth on New York 1927 page 55.


Though Jews live in various countries around the world, they have formed a hidden list of words and phrases which are taboos and looked upon as anti-Semite, if they be mentioned. Should a person do so, or speak against Israel, they will branded as anti-Semitic for life. Although most countries have laws to protect freedom of speech, and in order to “muzzle them”, such talk is considered “Politically Incorrect.” However, they take advantage of a nation’s freedom of speech legislation as they spread their own lies and propaganda. The most popular taboo is: “I do not believe 6 million Jews were gassed in German concentration camps during WWII:” It is also a taboo to mention that Jews, as a group, are involved in any illegal actions.

Their biggest propaganda smear when it comes to the Middle East is that Palestinians are violating Israeli’s rights, when the Israelis assault a Palestinian village. Their favourite action is to perpetrate the crime, and then blame their enemy for it.

Lobby in Norway

The strongest lobby in the Norwegian parliament is “Israel’s venner”,Friends of Israel, which has many members of the Storting, Norway’s parliament. This Lobby is so secretive that the names of the members are unknown. The agenda of the lobby is, of course, also secret. A small newspaper once published the names of former member on it’s web-site a couple of years ago, and was shut down within 24 hours. Consequently it is impossible to tell what the Jewish lobby has achieved in Norway.

However, one can say that had it not been for “Friends of Israel” Norway would not have exported Deuteriumoksid, D2O, for use in Israel’s nuclear facilities in the late 1950s early 1960s. Furthermore, one must be sure that the Jewish lobby helped Israel with their purchase of military equipment from Norway while Israel was in the midst of war on Palestine. (Norway has legislation that says it can NOT export weapons to countries while they are at war.)

Why should membership in the Jewish lobby be a secret if it is not to hinder citizens of Norway, or to publicly know what the Jews are enforcing upon Norwegian politicians? Might the reason for secrecy be that Jews know the Norwegians would react to them mingling in their country’s daily politics. Jews in Norwegian politics, as in every other country, have always kept their racial background a secret. It took much writing on a Norwegian web-site before the Secretary of Justice, Odd Einar Doerum, came forward and said although his mother was a Jewess it did not make him a Jew. According to the prophet Ezra a Jew is a Jew if his mother is a Jewess. Mr. Doerum has been Secretary of Justice since 2001.

Recently the Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu, after spending 18 years in prison for telling the world about Israel’s nuclear program and that Israel had developed a nuclear bomb, asked the Norwegian government to give him refuge. This was after Israel had denied him the right to speak to the International Press after he was released from prison. Israel did not want any country to give Vanunu refuge. As a true obedient servant of the Jewish lobby, the Norwegian government refused to evaluate Vanunu’s request. The government’s decision was that it could not evaluate his plea based on a letter. Vanunu had to enter Norway before he could ask for refuge. That was the answer from a government that only 18 months earlier gave refuge to 2,000 Vietnamese who were interned in Thailand. Much of the liberal legislation passed by the Norwegian parliament over the past 35 years had its origin in the Jewish lobby: “Friends of Israel.”

Other Scandinavian Countries and the Jewish Lobby

As in the case of Norway other Scandinavian countries have very strong Jewish lobbies equally as secret. The Scandinavian countries have, over the past 100 years, Jews as ministers; yet, none of them have openly said that they were Jews. The unwillingness on behalf of the Jews to stand up as Jews is their cowardliness to own up to their dastardly actions, which should be a guideline in our struggle to take back our nation’s government and parliament from them.

Germany’s Jewish Lobby

Outside of the USA, Germany has the strongest Jewish lobbies, the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, the Counsel of Jews in Germany, then there is the occupying forces from USA which has been in Germany since the end of WWII; now over 60 years, to secure that Germany is loyal to the Jews and the legislation based upon the War Criminal Trails of Nürnberg.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

“The American Jewish element is present in every political party, even in those parties that are their opponents,” Jüdische Presszentral, Zürich Sweitz, No 317, 1234 (Jewish press Central in Switzerland.)

AIPAC is an umbrella for all Jewish organizations in USA. Their agenda is to make US politicians work for, and promote Israel at all levels in US political as well as in their civil life.

The purpose of this organization is to destroy, from within, every political party, or politician that will not put Israel above all else. The first public knowledge of this came out after they had destroyed Senator J. William Fulbright on April 15 1973 and later on October 7, 1973 , when on TV CBS Face the Nation, he disclosed that Israel through AIPAC had power over US policy in Middle East. Fulbright is not the only US politician AIPAC had defeated for re-election  Any politician, or influential private person, that had uttered negative words regarding Israel’s behaviour towards Palestine had to be destroyed in some form or action by AIPAC

Israel became a country in 1948, sanctioned through the United Nations. The influence of the AIDPAC has reached into all various departments of the US administration and its Congress, to the extent that it has become public knowledge that it is an open government with Israel. Americans must face this reality and ask if this is the kind of administration they want? . When it comes to public policy in the Middle East all American presidents have relented under the pressure of Israel and Jews living in USA . But looking back on the last century’s politics of USA one will see a Jewish hand guiding US presidents in their own best interests, both domestic and foreign. If a true and uncorrupt investigation of the many deaths of US politicians was looked into, they would certainly find that many had been killed in some form or fashion; these findings would certainly show that the deaths were ordered by the AIPAC.

Domestic Politics

Another item of importance, if US citizens would investigate into the many liberal acts of legislation over the last 100 years I am sure they would find Jewish influence behind them. Up until a few years ago, children in US schools sang Christian songs. Christmas and Easter holidays were permitted, but not any more. Why?? Christianity is a great TABOO with AIPAC’s plans for the USA.

Ask yourselves who began the ban on Official buildings in the South to fly the Confederate flag some years back? The North did not seem to mind; and surely not the people living in the south. After the reconstruction, racism was on its way out naturally; but who instigated new uprising that caused so many deaths, and built a wider gap between the North and the South? Not the Americans who were living peacefully together.

Weapons for Israel

Over the last 45 years Israel has been given weapons and information on weapon’s development in US so they always could demand the latest and best of what US weapon industry could provide; and if it wasn’t given, it was stolen by their spies and secret agents in the Mossad. These weapons Israel used to kill innocent children, women and men,young or old, in Palestine and in Lebanon.

If a true American refused to send weapons to Israel AIPAC would have that person removed from his position. AIPAC also has great power over many US ministers in making them believe that Israel is the Jew’s promised land. They have forced them to fully cooperate on Israel’s terms.

White House and the Departments

The White House has been infiltrated by Jews since the Wilson era in such a degree that every US president since has listen to them before making decision on America’s foreign as well as their domestic polices. Many leaks have come out where personnel working in the White House sent secret documents and information to AIPAC.

So infiltrated is the various departments and the White House that some of the personnel do not write down important information – they give it to those in need, one on, verbally in meetings.

What is a true American?

An American is defined as a U.S. citizen that pledges allegiance to the Constitution and its Republic, renounces allegiance to foreign countries and Kings of foreign countries; nor were they permitted dual citizenships.

The worse possible American is a citizen who votes to re-elect a known criminal, or any member who commits a fraud, to any public office. Public Officials that dishonour their Oath of Office commit the crime of perjury and are then criminals against America and every American.

MOSSAD – Israel’s intelligence bureau

Within the Jewish communities in all countries all over the world. MOSSAD can expect to find spies and helpers whenever needed.

What is a true patriot of any country?

A true citizen does NOT have dual citizenship!

A true citizen does NOT lobby for a foreign country!

A true citizen does NOT feel obligation to spy for a foreign country!

A true citizen is patriotic ONLY to his Friends and his Country, and sees Israel as a foreign country/enemy!

Closing Words

When are enough people going to wake up to the danger they face, and take back their own nation from the grip the Jews hold over them? If we do not, our countries will soon drag us down the drain through Israel’s and the so-called top Jew’s demand for world power.

It is time to DEMAND that our elected politicians truly dedicate their service to their own country’s Constitution and Laws, and NOT to any other foreign country. Nor, should you approve of your country’s meddling into another country’s bounds.

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and audacity, we can overcome by spreading the truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world.

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Randulf Johan Hansen

(Edited by k0nsl)






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