Anvil Score for OCZ Agility3 in RAID0

I got my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 back from RMA today so I’m tuning it. Unfortunately I lost my previous RAID array, rest in data peace, but I don’t think there were too much important on it.

Sadly I actually had no backups of that data either…pfft! 

I’m fine tuning my system right now and here’s the result for my two OCZ Agility 3 in RAID0. The benchmark: Anvil’s Storage Benchmarks.

Not bad at all !

As for some “sad” news on my part. I won’t be able to set up the watercooling because I don’t have the correct fittings for the pump and the other fittings were a bit too small for the tubing I picked – it really was on the verge..

So that must wait, unfortunately. I was looking forward to cutting down my temperatures considerably — but alas, I can’t! 

I’m using the stock cooler from Intel until I get everything sorted!

The system as it is, looks like this…more or less.

Sorry for the crappy quality, I take these photographs with my Iphone4 and it truly sucks, very much. This is because I cannot use my camera at the moment: but I will try to figure something out ’till I have acquired the correct fittings.

Here’s a picture of the block I soon will use in my upcoming loop:

It’s a Cuplex Kryos (high flow) from Aqua Computer — and it was made in Germany! The block looks a lot better in reality. It’s the camera on the phone making it look crappy.

That’s all my friends!

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