Another Hateful Holocaust Believer Nailed

Enter “ggustav11“, a truly fine example of your average run of the mill Holocaust Believer. Frankly, I’ve not witnessed so much hate in such short messages since Wiesel said the following:

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.” (Legends of Our Time, “Appointment with Hate, NY, Avon, 1968, pp. 177-178).


But now I have. This “ggustav11” Holocaust Believer wishes that my two children should be raped and hopes I should burn in hell. All because we do not share the same belief. Oh, and I must of course be a nefarious supporter of some oddball “nazi party” just because I’m not believing in his skewed bit of history. If any thing, isn’t it more “anti-nazi” not to believe in such stories? If the allegations of “gas chambers” is false, as all the scientific evidence suggests, wouldn’t this be something to embrace and be happy about?

This “ggustav11” obviously wants to believe in these nutroll stories, and he sure does hate! Which ‘holocaust’ believer doesn’t? After all, irrational beliefs lead to hatred and ignorance. This is very common for secteristic gatherings such as Holocaustianity.


Here’s my short exchange with him.

I think people such as this Holocaust Believer should learn to “love” instead of engaging in pointless hatred. It could possibly benefit him and people whom are just like him, to watch this short video I crafted — and take lesson from it:

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