Anne Frank…executed?

Anne Frank was executed?
If this type of “general knowledge” becomes prevalent amongst (presumed) Germans, and other Europeans, and they fail to adhere to facts given to them by going into “knee-jerk response mode”, then I am afraid they never will change their mind about the alleged Holocaust.

Luckily there are men such as Carlo Mattogno and Germar Rudolf out and about. And Mr Robert Faurisson of course. Naturally many more like them exist too, but I consider these three the absolute best. Their books are scholarly masterpieces – but does Ingrid and Hans read such works? No, because they are all forbidden in Germany and therefore a pre-existing interest must be present for them to actually read or even find such books…unless they stumble upon references and this leads to some form of curiosity.
I certainly do my best to spread such leads wherever I can 
In any case the above are my thoughts when one sees and reads the screenshot below from a short YouTube-discourse I had with somebody who claims he is German. And somebody in his family apparently (or allegedly) buried a thousand Jews, what a feat! A thousand Jews, ladies and gentlemen. Just like that!
Click on the screenshot for higher resolution!
For more information about Anne Frank, query WNLibrary for any available books:


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