Andrew E. Mathis Lies About k0nsl

In a blog-post titled « So much for “k0nsl” » posted 2007, Andrew E. Mathis engages in lying when he says he nailed me in 2005 or 2006 and that my reaction was to shut down all of my Web pages.
This is of course nothing but a brazen lie from him. My web pages were never offline for more than a week, at maximum. And that only applied to one of them – Holocaust History Archive ( / defunct): it was shut down by the datacenter because they ruled that my content was illegal; thus not a self-made choice as Andrew E. Mathis indicates in his lying blog post.

The exact content from the reply of the datacenter on which was hosted:

” We would like to inform you that we have removed your web site from our server because of the illegal content on – such as the Holocaust denial content on its pages. “

Alas the blog-post, « So much for “k0nsl” », is a mere fabrication from a Swedish hate-organisation by the name of Expo, re-posted by Andrew E. Mathis. I have over 50 domains and none of them are offline voluntarily: they are only marked offline when a server cancels my account or briefly during reboot.

That’s all, really.

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