Americans And Gas Chambers

U.S. animal shelters euthanize nearly four million cats and dogs each year, most of them in carbon monoxide gas chambers – these are the same persons who alleged that the Germans murdered, with all types of gas chambers and with all sorts of gases (Zyklon-B crystals, Zyklon-B pellets, Carbon Monoxide (benzine, diesel and such), and with the result that four million people in the Auschwitz complex were said to have been done away with in that type of manner. And more. I’m just scratching the surface here!
Although this number for the “dreaded Auschwitz slaughter house” has now been officially reduced to a mere million people, and still going down – with death ranging from of all causes, not just in “gas chambers”: for which there is zero proof, not even a smidgen of proof exists for such exotic claims. I say, go figure!

Oh, and the Americans are the only people in the world — to my knowledge — that gas their own citizens in real, specially constructed & impressively sturdy gas chambers. Even today in 2012.

[EDIT: The Americans have apparently stopped gassing their own citizens, now they only gas their pets. I’m unsure if they have completely stopped gassing their citizens in all states, though. Do somebody else have more information on this?]


The above image consists of Germans, some of which were alleged to have been involved in “gassing” other peoples. An allegation which does not hold water in a court that isn’t based on medieval principles. Technical evidence was not allowed at Nürnberg, I say: go figure!

Today, in 2012, a German cannot defend himself, nor can his lawyer defend his client effectively, at risk of being handed a even harsher punishment than what is usually given out for doubting or for not believing in the standard scripted story (this script has more edits than Sacha Cohens various films). The holocaust, dear friends, is nothing but a gigantic hoax.

In this recent communiqué from Holocaust History News (HHN) the first paragraph is simplified, but the message is albeit valid: the Germans did not gas to death nothing but lice. That is true whether some people like it or not!

Most people know that the so-called “Holocaust” is a lie, but are afraid to say it out loud. The Germans, with ten other countries bringing up the rear, cannot say it, because it’s against the law!


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