Alternative Lyrics to ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’

It’s no secret that I occasionally enjoy a bit of Fats Waller, in particular his song ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’.

Although this alternative text that somebody once wrote — many years ago — seem to take precedence over the original. One should listen to it with the accompanying melody of the original song: Waller’s ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’. Honestly, I think somebody should record it just because of the humour value it would bring. Can you imagine somebody singing this:

Yea, I’m gonna a build a gas chamber or two
One for me, and one for you
The first one just wouldn’t do
So I had to build me two
Because your feets too big
It can’t take ya cuz your feets too big
It really hates ya cuz your feets too big
It don’t want ya cuz yer feets too big

Well the strain on the furnaces was colossal
Your feet stuck out like a fossil
They all said twas impossible
Because Yer Feets too big

Again, this certainly is in line with my sort of humour…

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