A Short Comment on the Israel-Hamas War

As I was reading an article titled ‘Unbelievable: The IDF Has Gamified Its War Blog’, I quickly realized that I’ve more or less completely missed most of this issue – but I quickly understood that the Jews are waging a so-called Cyber War targeting social media to spread their fictitious and trumped up propaganda.

What people seem to forget – and particularly the Jews – is that there wouldn’t be any war hadn’t the Jews stolen the land from the Palestinians. Yes, I said it. They stole it using terror tactics and putting pressure in the right places and on the right people and in the end they got their artificially supported ′state′ which survives on totally unjustified reparations mainly from Germany. And naturally a large chunk American taxpayers’ monies. And when I say “large” I mean really, really, really large chunks of money – and nobody that is in-charge of America has really done a thing to put an end to these “donations” to Israel.


What Jews must understand is this; you have no place in Israel and the “terror” which you talk about would have been non-existent had you not stolen the land from another people, and then – on top of it all – having the gall to put them in “refugee camps” and various “zones” that are a lot worse than the concentration camps which you always keep howling so much about.

This post is strictly a response to Josh Ben-David, who wrote this:

What’s wrong with it? The media is so biased against Israel it is ridiculous. The IDF must do anything in its power to spread its point of view. This is a matter of national survival, as Israel’s enemies want it destroyed. None of you know what this is. I do. I live it every day. We are fighting a war of self-defense against an internationally recognized terrorist organization that deliberately and indiscriminately targets civilians and openly calls for Israel’s destruction. Did you know that over 12,000 rockets have landed in Israel since 2000? I bet you didn’t, because you don’t hear that in the media. All you hear is about the poor Palestinians. You don’t hear about the Israelis living in constant terror. We will do whatever it takes to fight the media bias and bring the truth to light, even gamify our media, in order to survive.

That’s chutzpah and Jewish arrogance in-action. 

[PS: My comment at readwrite.com was of course deleted. Instantly.]

[EDIT: one of the comments on readwrite.com survived.]



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  1. “you have no place in Israel and the “terror” which you talk about would have been non-existent had you not stolen the land from another people”

    Simple, open question: So where do you propose that the Jews should go, then?

    • There are several alternatives. They have been discussed for as long as the Jews have existed. Madagascar have been suggested likewise the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia. I do not have any proper answer to your question, Mr. Berner, and I don’t think anybody else has one either. Do you have a solution?

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