A Deer Bagged and Tagged

There are different ways one can bag and tag things: for example I scorch LA Times, TIMES.com, Huffington Post and other places for Holocaust Believers and sometimes their masters — the “esteemed” Holocaust Enforcers, to get their view on things related to their Holocaust Ideology: these views are often so strange to reality that I ‘tag and bag’ the person at my blog in a post — with their name (they post our names so they should be ready for the same medicine, right?) and what they said along with a wake-up comment from myself. Sometimes these people get really feisty so the little discussion one is able to get from them is either terminated by them with silence, or most of the time simply from knowing that they’ll be ‘tagged and bagged’, and in some cases simply because they’ve already made such fools of themselves 

But this time something else has been tagged and bagged, a deer. It makes for great meals – last time it was a wild boar which became our Christmas dinner (it tasted really good).


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