_h5ai on ‎LiteSpeed Web Server

To get rid of “Javascript disabled error” when running _h5ai on LSWS, you’ve got to edit the following file:


Jump to line 72:


As you can already tell I’ve commented out the following line:

define("APP_HREF", Util::normalize_path(dirname(dirname(dirname($script_name))), true));

You’ve got to do the same, else it won’t work on LSWS. Alas, replace the above line with the following entry:

define("APP_HREF", "/_h5ai/");
Update 17.02.2017

The most recent fix for using _h5ai on LiteSpeed has changed just slightly. You need to edit the following file (line 98):


Commenting out the following line:

$this->set('H5AI_HREF', Util::normalize_path(dirname(dirname($script_name)), true));

Replace it with the following code:

$this->set('H5AI_HREF', "/_h5ai/");

This should result in a working, or at least operable, copy of _h5ai.

A few example sites of mine running _h5ai:

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