Cool Evaporation PC Mod

I must admit: I do still lurk at the XtremeSystems Forum even though I was unfairly banned (without reason – banned forever) and today I stumbled across a project I’ve been following since the day it began, it’s the Arctic Rain – Evaporative Cooling Build log that I am currently following.

This build uses evaporative cooling to cool the CPU, something I’ve never  tried myself – but I have a interest in peculiar methods of cooling, or at least “different” methods – or perhaps “alternative” is a better word for it 

This build not only uses an alternative way of cooling the CPU, it also looks quite stunning. I liked the way Ben modded the PSU with the white cables – that’s actually something I have had in mind with my Tagan 580W (it has a nice black case and would look great with white cables, like the ones Ben used in his build).

So in any case I wished to share this build with others because it really caught my attention. I can’t wait to see more!

That’s all, check out Ben’s build.


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