2nd Place and Silver Cup for k0nsl

I’ve been benching for about a week up until now and slowly and steadily I’ve climbed the ranks of the SiSoftware Official Live Ranker. I got so far that they awarded me with the Silver Cup.

Please keep in mind that I’ve done this using only air cooling with the dinky Intel Core i7 stock cooler which isn’t known to be that particularly good, but it got me this far.

My max (stable) clock so far is 4.7GHz, however when benchmarking for the Silver Cup the CPU clock was around 4.5GHz or 4.6GHZ, it depended on what I was benching for the moment.

I also had to remove two sticks of Corsair RAM and use only my Kingston HyperX which seems to work quite well at 933MHz – but they’re volt monsters: 1,755V.

I have not done a lot of testing at 4.7GHz YET but it does seem stable so far, I will investigate this further. I’m writing this right now at 4,7GHz he he.

Here’s the validation for my claim:


As for SiSoftware Official Live Ranker, here’s the link for the Top Users in the world, and my 2nd Place claim can easily be verified:


Today I tried to concentrate more on benching my trusty old AMD HD 6870 .

But I certainly didn’t max it – only did some 16% overclock so far.

I guess this is it for now. I will probably remove the 2600K and bench a little with a really cheap one: the G530! I have never touched it so it should be interesting…I hope for 3.8GHz, but we’ll see.

[UPDATE: Scratch that idea. The NO-K OC feature/function did not work–or rather: it just wasn’t there. So I put it up for sale along with a budget board to go along with it. I was just going to have the G530 just in case the 2600K died anyway.]

[UPDATE 2: Apparently some douchebag at SiSoftware demoted me and removed over 5000 points from my account. But I don’t care, just that I was surprised when I went there to check it today. I was 2nd place for one day before SiSoftware deleted more than half of my points though – so this means I get to start over again, no problem for me!]

Good bye friends 

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