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This design is based on Asteroid by ronangelo. I intend to use this for the blog rather than the old design, which I didn’t quite like.

I am still implementing the bits and pieces from my previous design into this one. I’ve already added all the shortcodes and my somewhat beefed up templating system so far. There’s a problem with the design of the commentary bit and I have not investigated it further, but merely replaced it with the “About” box from my previous theme. I thought it fits quite nicely together with this design, although some minor changes probably has to be made.

When I hacked away the commentary bit (temporarily) I did it like so:



Prr, this part hasn't been dealt with. Yet.

Prr, this part hasn't been dealt with. Yet.

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Perhaps not the most glamorous way of doing it, but it works for me hehe.

[UPDATE: I've fixed so that the commentary bit works.]

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