9 Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in the Holocaust

Carto’s Cutlass Supreme wrote this a while back. He says: “I have doubts that many people will read it and that it will make much of an impression on them. That might partly be because it’s text. For me, pointing a video at text with a voice-over is where it’s at. In other words the following document is in the wrong medium. Forget Hollywood. Forget a movie set with a lot of bikini clad girls. Just point a digital video camera at a Reader’s Digest. That’s where the REAL excitement begins!”


Left: This was the plaque on display at Auschwitz until 1990: note the “4 million” victims. Right: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002.) It states “FOR EVER LET THIS PLACE BE A CRY OF DESPAIR AND A WARNING TO HUMANITY WHERE THE NAZIS MURDERED ABOUT ONE AND A HALF MILLION MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN MAINLY JEWS FROM VARIOUS COUNTRIES OF EUROPE. Note the casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million. (note 22) Nevermind that millions of visitors to the camp read and believed the other plaque, and that it’s illegal in Europe to dispute “the facts” about the holocaust. And this isn’t even 1 of the 9 reasons listed below!

•1) Survivors’ accounts seem to provide evidence that it didn’t happen, rather than it did.

•2) Many Jews are deceptive about Palestine. Is it a stretch to think that they’d also be deceptive about the holocaust?:

•3) Why are the “Stalin Purges” and the Holocaust handled so differently?

•4) Why can’t a list of all the victims be produced? Is Jewish immigration to Israel and America being counted as holocaust deaths?

•5) Why wasn’t poison gas residue found on the walls of Auschwitz?

•6) Holocaust story used to validate Israel and validate war

•7) Where did the labor come from? Germany’s best soldiers?

•8) Why was my childhood education about the holocaust so off?

•9) Boiling point of hydrogen cyanide is 79 Fahrenheit

1) Survivors’ accounts seem to provide evidence that the holocaust didn’t happen, rather than it did.

Anyone who knows an iota about German culture knows that precision and efficiency are an aspect of it. Considering this, prisoners hiding in a shed to avoid death and/or escaping seem unlikely. Yet there are numerous accounts of survivors that read like a Spielberg script. Here’s an example from the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.

A Jewish man who was sent to a concentration camp, (Treblinka) “bluffed his way out of the extermination compound” then later “hid in a tool shed as camp officials massacred 550 prisoners.” Afterward “he escaped into a nearby forest, where he lived off of berries and roots for three weeks. He eventually joined the Polish underground, made it to the Russian front, and fought with the Polish army.” If that isn’t unbelievable enough, check out the following: Upon escaping, “he found a bag in a forest clearing. The sack’s contents: sausages, a bathing suit, a shaving kit and a loaded gun.” C’MON! I wonder if some music to the movie Shaft came on at that point. He should have just gone further with the story and claimed that from the bag’s contents, he had a shave to look hot, put on the bathing suit which was of the speedo variety, packed a sausage in the front of his speedo and a gun in the side of his speedo, and then went on a mission to a female-run swimming compound behind enemy lines……

And with all this divinely inspired intervention, what did he do with his life? He has a toy company in Los Angeles, where, via licensing agreements, his toys are “packaged with the likenesses of cartoon icons such as Batman, Marvel superheroes and Hanna-Barbara characters.”Strange that his story also has a superhero quality. This toy company owner was the West Coast chairman of American Society for Yad Vashem, which is Israel’s holocaust museum. This is a museum that should be the foremost authority of credible information about the holocaust, yet had this guy as their West Coast Chairman.

also See “Remarkable nonsense about the Holocaust” at

2) Many Jews are deceptive about Palestine, is it a stretch to think that they’d also be deceptive about the holocaust?

The blur of Palestine deception and holocaust info can be seen by this: The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which describes itself as as an international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust (8) had on its main page, (when this was first written in July 2004) “INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE’S ANTI-SECURITY FENCE DECISION WOULD DENY ISRAELIS THE ULTIMATE HUMAN RIGHT—THE RIGHT TO LIVE” And that’s just one of many examples from their site.

How in the world can a supposed human rights organization, the Wiesenthal Center, which runs the well-known Museum of Tolerance, support the military occupation and degradation of 3.5 million Palestinians, and the imposing of Jewish-only settlements on their land in the West Bank and Gaza? What’s going on here?! I might add that the State of California gives the Wiesenthal Center 5 million a year to train educators and police on “diversity issues.”

Then there’s former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. His website, netanyahu.org, has a link on the main page titled “The Palestinians.” If you click on it, you see a list of articles. The honesty of which you can tell by the titles below:

•”The year the Arabs discovered Palestine(13 Sep 2000)”
•Were the Palestinians Expelled?
•A people that never existed in History needs a useful past.

And this is the former Prime Minister of Israel? Former head of the Israeli Jewish people who has a special responsibility of credibility considering he mentions the holocaust in his speeches? The guy who was supposed to hold up the Oslo Accords? And who Arafat was supposed to work with?

Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum, is another example. Here they prominently display a wall-size picture of the Grand Mufti of Palestine with Hitler, as a way to connect the Palestinians with the holocaust. As if the Nazis needed a member of Arab royalty in turban to help them with the logistics of their extermination project!

But what Yad Vashem doesn’t point out is that at the time of that photo, a major zionist group in Israel was trying to work with Hitler, in order to get Israel from the British. This group, the Lehi, organized terrorists attacks on the British in Palestine throughout WWII–while Britain was in the middle of fighting Nazi Germany. Believing that the Germans would win, the founder of the Lehi, Avraham Stern offered to team up with the Nazis, but the Nazis declined his offer. You can read about it in a scathing Village Voice article (note 24) Yet Yad Vashem focuses on a mid-war photo of the Mufti with Hitler. No benefit of historical hindsight is offered the mufti as it was to Avraham Stern! Rather, Stern has his own museum dedicated to him, and a major street named after him.

So much of this is about European Jews being the original people of Israel. But that assertion doesn’t jibe with DNA studies, and on the non-Israel background of the Yiddish language, click here for more on this.

3) Why are the “Stalin Purges” and the Holocaust handled so differently?

Why is there a huge discrepancy between how often you hear about the 6 million Jews killed in the 1940’s, compared to how often you hear about 5 million Russians and Ukrainians killed in the 1930’s in the Stalin purges? Can 1 million fewer, 10 years earlier, and 1500 miles really make such a huge difference?

Do you think the media has anything to do with why you feel so differently about Russians/Ukrainians and about Jews?

Also, please take note that there’s not a movie on the Stalin purges that sweeps the Academy Awards every few years, but there’s usually a movie about the holocaust doing that. In fact has there even been a single movie done on the Stalin Purges in the past 30 years?

The Stalin Purges and the Armenian holocaust have this in commmon: the lack of drama, the lack of stories about how someone could play piano, knew how to bake, or knew how to sew and it saved their life! Could it be that the Russians, Ukrainians, and Armenians act like groups do when it hasreally happened to them?

The Stalin Purges were carried out by the Soviet Secret Police, then called the NKVD (which later became the KGB.) The general Soviet Union population was around 3 percent Jewish, whereas the NKVD was around 50 percent Jewish. At one point during the purges, the head of the NKVD was Jewish: Lazar Kaganovich.(note 25) In fact the PNAC signers are also around 50 percent Jewish, though the general American population is around 3 percent Jewish.(note 18) and (note 29) Remarkably, one of the PNAC signers has the anglicized last name of the one-time head of the NKVD, Lazar Kaganovich. Drop the “ovitch” upon entering America, and you have the name Kagan, as in Robert Kagan, one of the PNAC signers. Not that they are necessarily related but it does point to the fabulous contributions of Russian Jews to the USSR and now to America!

The dirty secret is the Jews had a lot to do with committing their own holocaust against the Russians and Ukrainains in the former USSR. Perhaps as collective revenge for Ukrainians support of the Czar which had been the Jews’ number one enemy before Hitler. Well, you can see why Jews never create films about the killings of the Stalin Purges. Because they were the ones who partly did it! (note 25)

The above paragraph jibes with the following: why is it that you can think of countless movie roles that portrayed Sicilians and Italians as mobsters but can’t think of a single movie where a Jew has been portrayed in a bad light? Strange how you can’t think of a single movie isn’t it? Go ahead: Try….. You can only think of Jewish roles where they’re super nice and cuddly sweet; supposedly good looking, and so smart that they’re a paleontologist. Named Ross.

4) Why can’t a list of all the victims be produced? Is Jewish immigration to Israel and America being counted as holocaust deaths?

Millions of Jews immigrated to the United States between 1920 and 1950. And the number of Jews in Israel has gone from 100,000 in the 1930’s to 6 million at present. We know that many Jews in Israel are non-European Sephardic Jews, but there are millions of Ashkenazi (European) Jews. People say that the holocaust is the reason that there are so few Jews in Europe now. But what about emigration to America and Israel? Why is that never mentioned as a reason for there being less Jews in Europe? Click here for more on this subject.

5) Why wasn’t poison gas residue found on the walls of Auschwitz?

A Wall Street Journal Editorial on July 7, 2004, mentioned that Auschwitz Museum administrators, to counter revisionist’s claims, decided to test the walls of a gas chamber to see if there was evidence of Zyklon B cyanide gas. (A revisionist is someone who disagrees with the mainstream view of the holocaust.) The revisionists had always said that Zyklon B cyanide gas was used at Auschwitz, but for delousing. So they did the tests and what did they find? They found residue of the gas on the walls where they deloused people and did not find it in the gas chamber walls. The reason in the article was hardly convincing: “The homicidal process was so murderously brief that the cyanide never penetrated the interior surface.” You read the Wall Street Journal article and realize that something isn’t right with the holocaust story. The article can be read at this Wall Street Journal site:

The author of the Wall Street Journal Editorial offers as evidence for the holocaust “the watch-tower-girded enclosures.” That’s hardly convincing is it?

The article basically said there is no hard evidence, except testimony, and we know from the loaded gun, swimsuit and shaving kit, how great that testimony can be. (see the toy company mogul testimony in Reason Number 1 above.) 

In fact, I never even questioned the holocaust until I saw the clever lying regarding the Palestinians and regarding Saddam Hussein in Jewish-dominated media sources such as the San Francisco Chronicle. Suddenly a lot of things became clear. And keep in mind that the Chronicle is a Hearst publication–it’s not even Jewish owned, but it is Jewish managed, and you can notice that often when reading it.

[tweet_box]Not to mention that the Nuremberg Trials are full of preposterous tales about the Nazis that no one believes today. Making soap out of the bodies are the least of the wild assertions of the Nuremberg Trials. See the Institute for Historical Review at ihr.org regarding this.[/tweet_box]

The Wall Street Journal editorial also mentions the Nuremberg trials as proof. The Nuremberg Trials are seen as a triumph of good over evil. Yet the allied side hung Julius Streicher. His crime was publishing a magazine called “Der Stuermer” and also a newspaper which the allies claimed lied and incited hatred of the Jews. Kind of hypocritical of the Americans to hang a person in a foreign country for exercising his freedom of speech.
But freedom of speech regarding Jews is a strange thing. The pressure on heads of government works itself out in strange ways. Here is a US State Department Press Briefing excerpt. Mr. Reeker is Colin Powell’s Spokesman:

MR. REEKER: ….And we applaud the fact that both governments are enforcing laws that prohibit anti-Semitic rhetoric, in the case of France, and violence. We understand that investigations into these attacks are under way in both countries.

QUESTION: One second. But you said that you were — police were prohibiting anti-Semitic rhetoric? I mean, this is —

MR. REEKER: French authorities are enforcing laws that prohibit anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence, and we understand that an investigation of the recent incidents are under way in France.

QUESTION: We support the prohibition of anti-Semitic rhetoric when in this country we have a First Amendment that would —


QUESTION: I’m just trying to —

MR. REEKER: I don’t want to get into a First Amendment argument with you, and I don’t want to try to discuss French law. You are happy to go look it up and determine how, under their constitution, and what is allowed in terms of that type of law. We understand that the authorities are enforcing those laws and that they are investigating the incidents that are under way — or an investigation of the incidents is under way.
Are we ready to change topics? Because it is Elaine’s turn.

source: Official US State Dept website:

Put it this way: If I were French, the US State Department would be urging the French Government to prosecute me for writing this. But I’m American. Oh well.

6) Holocaust story used to validate Israel and validate war.

The media makes holocaust denial appear dangerous. It’s as if someone might say “gee, the holocaust didn’t happen. In that case it must be o.k. to go out and kill millions of people now!”…how ridiculous. It’s such a non sequitur argument. If it was really important to keep the memory of the holocaust alive, otherwise it might happen again, then why wouldn’t you hear more about the Stalin Purges, Armenian genocide, and the big Asian genocides?

If anything, believing in the holocaust is dangerous. Here’s why: it’s been used to justify all the big military campaigns of the past several years, and it’s used to explain why we let Israel inflict a torturous life on millions of Palestinians. Believing in the holocaust has been a disaster, though it’s been quite good for many Jewish people and for Israel.

The Nazis and holocaust came up in hundreds of newspaper articles regarding the following

  • Bombing Yugoslavia (holocaust logic: we can’t repeat history and appease a dictator like we did Hitler)
  • Invading Iraq (holocaust logic: couldn’t appease a dictator murdering millions like Hitler)
  • Persecuting the Palestinians (holocaust logic: after what the Jews have been through, they have a right to defend themselves. Plus we’ve seen how well appeasement works)

Similarly the holocaust quickly comes up in any philosophical discussion of “whether there really is such thing as “evil.” (note C)

After WWII, there was a situation where the Jews wanted Israel, and the English got in their way, so they began terror-bombing the British and making up stories about them, just as they had the Nazis. Nevermind the fact that the English had just fought WWII for them.

An example of Jews making up atrocity stories about the British (shooting people putting up posters) is found at the Protestwarrior.com website. ProtestWarrior is an organization that tries to disrupt peace protesters. Below, founder Kfir Alfia’s grandmother tells of how the British were known to shoot teenage girls. –Yes, there were Jews who had the chutzpah to create atrocity stories about British soldiers just as they created stories about the Nazis.

Here I am telling my Grandma Esther about PW (Protest Warrior). Grandma was quite the little ProtestWarrior back in the day (before Israel became a state). As a teenager, she worked in the Irgun by plastering the city walls with pro-Israeli posters. Once, after being caught in the act by British soldiers (who have been known to shoot at poster distributors), she threw her glue bucket at them, giving her time to escape and get away unscathed.

SOURCE: Scroll halfway down the page:

Notice the heroic similarities between this story and “Swimsuit and the Loaded Gun” story in number 1.

It doesn’t stop with the Germans and British though. When the French stood in the way of invading Iraq, they got villified by the Jews as well. If you’re judaized enough through watching tv and reading the San Francisco Chronicle, you’ll believe that practically the whole world is bad! It’s the righteous US and Israel against the world.

Then we look at how guilt is a huge factor in the European and American psyche, as can be seen from the “being saved from our sins” element of Christianity. Historically, there have been ruling classes that have created a myth that they descended from the gods as a way to control the masses below them. The holocaust functions similarly except it uses the Guilt angle, which is probably more effective. Thus, in the poorest grade schools in Mississippi, the study of the holocaust makes students see the richest most powerful ethnic group in America as victims to feel sympathy for.

The Jewish reporter par excellence was Judith Miller of the New York Times. She was the one that wrote stories about the weapons of mass destruction, the Uranium tubes, Chalabi and other pro-war lies. No single person in media probably had more to do with convincing the public to go to war than her. Prior to her being a NYT expert on Saddam Hussein, she was a writer of books on the holocaust. Why the NYT wouldn’t find an Arabic/Hebrew speaking reporter with a phd in Arabic studies to be an expert on Hussein is beyond me. But the seemingly disjointed career path of going from holocaust book writing to pro-war Saddam reporting, is actually seamless when you consider Israel/Jewish interests. On this Edward Said scathingly wrote of her in a book review:

“Writing about any other part of the world, Miller would be considered woefully unqualified. She tells us that she has been involved with the Middle East for twenty-five years, yet she has little knowledge of either Arabic or Persian. It would be impossible to be taken seriously as a reporter or expert on Russia, France, Germany or Latin America, perhaps even China or Japan, without knowing the requisite languages, but for “Islam,” linguistic knowledge is unnecessary since what one is dealing with is considered to be a psychological deformation, not a “real” culture or religion.”He went on to say,”Maddeningly, she informs us of everyone’s religion — such and so is Christian, or Muslim Sunni, Muslim Shiite, etc. Even so, she is not always accurate, managing to produce some howlers……….And then there is her bad faith in not identifying her own religious background or political predilections. Are we meant to assume that her religion (which I don’t think is Islam or Hinduism) is irrelevant?” (note 26)

A Washington Report on the Mideast article said t his about her:

New York Times columnist Judith Miller has been known to direct her considerable reportorial skills to support the perceptions of some of her co-religionists in the US Jewish mainstream. ……Her articles seldom ignore an opportunity to conjure up the Nazi spectre.
Recently, she authored a lengthy book, One by One by One: Facing the Holocaust, based on interviews with European survivors of the Nazi horrors. Describing her book as not about the Holocaust, but “only how it is remembered,” Miller readily admits in her preface that “American Jews have a practical stake in keeping memory of the Holocaust alive, as a way of maintaining American support for Israel.” (note 27)

Lastly is a comment from the editor at Slate regarding Miller:

“It was upon such useless, misleading, and fabricated information that Miller based a good part of her prewar WMD reporting.” (note 28)

7) Where did the labor come from? Germany’s best soldiers?

How many people is 6 million? It’s a football stadium packed to capacity of 65,000 new people, everyday for 3 months. Do you think even the task of disposing the bodies let alone killing everyone would be quite a task for an army? Especially for an army fighting the 3 biggest powers of the world? 6 million is larger than the population of the entire state of California in 1930. (note 3) And the rounding up of that many people was all done in secret so that it never made the American papers till after the war?

Consider that the US had such a labor shortage that women began working in the war effort (The story of Rosie the Rivetter as poster-girl for the working woman is found in any American history class.) The labor shortage also led to African American migration to the North for jobs in America. The labor shortage in Germany must have been 10 times worse. Yet what kind of quality work at Auschwitz are you going to get from slave labor if you slowly starve them to death? And if your goal is to kill them, why would this be your method? Was the German High Command just simply stupid and not efficient at all? (note 4)

Then there is this notion put forth by Jews that there was an atmosphere so that if you happened to play a musical instrument or knew how to cook or sew, and the SS General in charge of the camp liked music played at dinner and his wife needed a kitchen helper or a seamstress, then those skills would save your life. We’ve all heard stories like that, but they don’t make sense when you’re talking about 6,000,000 people. It might make sense if you’re talking about 800 people and a lot of drama.

Thus, in a country known world-wide for efficiency and precision, here’s their killing method: pull your best troops, the SS, off the fighting front so that they can dilly-dally around with all the sadism of slow death that we’ve seen in movies and testimony about the camps. It’s as if the SS troops would be saying this “We’ve just killed 800 people through 3 weeks of forced labor, starvation, humiliations, and beatings, before gassing them, all the while enjoying classical German music from the jewish band and freshly baked schnitzel from the jews who know how to bake and tailor our suits. Only 5 million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand to go!”

(see note A for more on this) 

8) Why was my childhood education about the holocaust so off?

As a kid growing up in suburbia USA in the 1970’s, I, like every other kid, was under the impression that the Germans sent the Jews to the ovens to be burned alive. Every kid knew that phrase “sent to the ovens.” And why not? There was plenty of testimony that they burned the Jews alive, such as from the famous Ellie Weisel himself. (note 19) Only when this assertion didn’t stand up to scrutiny, did they drop it, which is why kids today only know the phrase “sent to the gas chamber” instead.

Then there was the belief that the Germans made soap from their bodies. I was even told by an adult that the Germans forced the Jews to dig their graves with spoons. Me and every other kid had heard stuff like that. It turned out to be false. Perhaps these falsehoods were extra-promoted in the early 70’s because Israel was occupying a piece of land bigger than Sicily which belonged to Egypt, (the Sinai Penninsula.) The Arab World reaction to this, the Arab Oil Embargo, of 1973 wreaked havoc on America by starting inflation, rising gas prices, and skyrocketing land prices. (note 20) This, in turn, destabilized the world economy which led, for instance, to the inflation of the Mexican Peso which ruined the Mexican economy and led to massive immigration of Mexicans to America. Considering all this, perhaps extra atrocity propaganda was needed to make the American public support Israel. Enter the Network miniseries Holocaust, which got huge ratings in the mid 70’s and presented notions that no one believes today. In short, the extra atrocity talk helped legitimize all the damage Israel was doing to the US and the world. Are things any different today?

Regarding the soap myth see:
In this article you can also see the scholarly level of the Institute for Historical Review.

also See “Remarkable nonsense about the Holocaust” at

9) The Boiling Point of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) is 79 F.

Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) has a boiling point of 79 F (26 C.) It’s melting point is 8.6 F or -13 C. This is the chemical that was used in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, the trade name was Zyklon B. The boiling point of the chemical doesn’t fit the eyewitness accounts at all.

You’ve heard the stories: Zyklon B was poured from a hole in the roof of a warehouse, landing on the floor, but that would be a cold floor in the winter in Poland. Eyewitness accounts state that everyone would be dead within 15 minutes. HCN is fatal at around 300 PPM.

Question 1: How could HCN pellets, (the pellets were made of chalk soaked in HCN by the way), have been used in the winter in Poland? No heaters that I know of are mentioned ever in the tech specs of the warehouse, nor eyewitness accounts.

Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario A: They used just enough HCN to create 300 parts per million, the amount that would kill everyone.
Problem with Scenario A: The outgassing of the pellets would take maybe 6 hours resulting in a slow death. After 2 hours you’d maybe only have 100 ppm. Doesn’t jibe with eyewitness accounts.

Scenario B: So many HCN pellets were dumped into the warehouse, that 300 ppm was achieved in 15 minutes and everyone was killed.

Problem with Scenario B:
 The rest of the HCN would need to completely evaporate. That might take 6 or more hours before anyone could go into the warehouse. Couldn’t enter the warehouse even if ventilated if the pellets were still outgassing between the bodies. But the eyewitness testimony mentions going in after a short time. Also wouldn’t this method compare to using a hot tub to create the amount of steam that could be created from boiling a small pot of water? And then you couldn’t go near the hot tub until all the water in it had completely evaporated?

Had the SS wanted to use Zyklon B to kill people, they would have put the Zyklon B pellets on a raised platform, well above the inmates below, and simply blown hot air on the pellets. That way they could have got all the HCN into the air quickly, with no leftover outgassing, and been able to begin airing out the chamber soon afterward.

The idea that the bodies themselves creating heat wouldn’t seem to be the answer. For one hot air rises, and two, a pellet laying on a cold cement floor would only be warmed negligibly by warm feet or bodies around it.
See “Physical Properties” at

Further studying

Institute for Historical Review
Historical review of the holocaust, that is. It’s a high-quality site where articles are backed up with sources. Start with the leaflets section.

David Irving site
An English WWII Historian, who has written thousand page wartime biographies on both Churchill and Hitler.

Another revisionism site:

Book: Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. He is a professor who looks at 20th century Jewish intellectual movements and explains them with the theory that they are a group evolutionary strategies. It is a theory that can xplain why 1960’s Jewish left-wing activists are now neocons.

Films from Arabfilm.com
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land by Sut Jhally, professor at University of Massachussetts. Incredible. Shows the how the media deceives you. Better than Fahrenheit 9/11 by far.

Gaza Strip by James Longley A young American filmmaker went to Gaza intending to do a short film, he ended up doing a feature documentary. One thing it shows is how the Israelis used “torture gas” to collectively punish the population.


Note A
Do you think that if Germany really wanted to kill all the Jews that you’d have so many people that lived through 2 years at Auschwitz?

Also, if you took 10 random people at wartime Auschwitz, do you picture 4 of them not even being Jewish? Though the Jews assert that many Jews (who couldn’t work) went straight to the gas chamber rather than going into the camp.

Then there were those that survived when the camps were liberated: Are we supposed to believe that after all that killing, the Germans didn’t have time to kill the remaining people at the camp? Because they were in such a hurry to leave?

Those at the camps were starving to death. But the entire nation of Germany was being purposely starved to death by the allies. The media could have taken pictures of Germans as thin as those Auschwitz survivors.

Note B
“Flemish and Afrikaans are varieties of Dutch while Yiddish is a variety of German. Yiddish is written using the Hebrew script.”

Note D:
Raiders of the Lost Ark. A Jewish fantasy, hence the biblical Ark of the Covenant, and the evil Nazis. It’s a similar situation for Star Wars, with Darth Vader wearing a Nazi shaped helmet dyed black, and “Darth” and “Vader” being Germanic sounding names. Then there’s the Storm Troopers. Storm Troopers were the actual name of a set of German Soldiers.–An infantile Jewish fantasyland that adults need to rise above, into the real world of adults.

To simply paint the Nazis as evil is so patently infantile, and about as ridiculous as saying Bin Laden hates us ’cause we’re freedom-lovin people.’ To see what issues rightly or wrongly the Nazis had with the Jews, look at the Nazis own sources. It will help you understand why they thought how they did. And understanding everyone is key.

Appendix H

Isn’t it interesting how when people accuse others of something, it’s sometimes a well-articulated truth about themselves? I see this a lot when researching many Jews. I mean here’s a guy, Benjamin Netanyahu, who looks nothing like a Middle Easterner, accusing the Palestinians, who look Middle Eastern, of fabricating their past. Some Jews accuse others of hate, and hate-speech, when many know from the workplace or neighbor disagreements with certain Jewish Americans how much shocking, palpable and hysteric hate they are capable of having.

Then there’s yiddish. Netanyahu implies that the Palestinians are a fabricated people. Yet ashkenazi Jews spoke Yiddish, which is a Germanic Indo-European language, with, if any Hebrew in it, is probably artificially inserted. They try to cover that fact up by writing yiddish with the Hebrew phonetic alphabet. This would be similar to writing the Japanese word “arigato” meaning “thank you” with the English alphabet, whereas the Japanese would use their own alphabet to write arigato. Then we go to present day Israel, where yiddish is even suppressed in place of Hebrew (wouldn’t want everyone speaking a German dialect in Israel would we?) ; and then we look at Netanyahu’s site implying that the Palestinians are a fabricated people? Consider that the Greeks speak modern Greek, which is clearly connected to ancient Greek. Yet ashkenazi Jews spoke yiddish which isn’t even a modern semitic language. Once Israel was created, they made the official language Hebrew–A language that had not been the vernacular language of ashkenazi Jews. (Note B)

There’s also DNA evidence. There was a DNA study which showed that Sephardic (Middle Eastern) Jews had very similar DNA to Palestinian Arabs. The paper concluded that the problems between the two groups are therefore based “in cultural and religious, but not in genetic differences.” It was published in the journal Human Immunology. When the journal was sent to libraries, Jewish pressure hit, and the very unusual situation happened where the editor of the scholarly scientific journal was forced to send a note to all the libraries, asking them to rip-out the pages which contained the article. It’s hard to believe, I know.

The probable reason that some Jews didn’t like the study is that it showed that Sephardic Jews and Palestinian Arabs are the true real ancient population of Palestine, whereas, genetically, the European Ashkenazi Jews may not be. (Hence their Germanic family Yiddish language.) The findings of the article would also create problems with the “chosen people” concept, since the DNA of Sephardic Israeli Jews are more similar to Palestinian Arabs, than to Ashkenazi Jews. Talk about a myth-shattering DNA study!

Perhaps what we call ashkenazi Jews are people who became “Jews” as a way to trade with certain Christian kingdoms during the Middle Ages. Imagine them with their goods, outside the city gates. “Let us in we’re uh, Jews!” And thus they inserted themselves into the religious cosmology and guilt of Christian Europe. Anyone who’s ever attended Christian church and hung out with Christian people knows how effective that would be. For a Christian to meet a real Jew of the bible is so exciting and validates his own religion. It would have been the same in the middle ages–there they’d be: outside the gates of a city in France or Russia speaking yiddish, and there would be someone inside the gates saying “that language they are speaking. It must be Hebrew! Let them in! O long lost people of the bible!” Does that seem far-fetched? Consider that the Mormons of Salt Lake City believed that the American Indians were also wandering Jews. (note 23) And look at certain known yiddish words like “kvetch.” It comes from the old Hebrew word known as….uh no, actually, it comes from the Yiddish word “kvetshn”, “to squeeze, to complain,” from Middle High German quetzen, quetschen, “to squeeze.” Certainly something to nosh on. “Nosh” is Middle High German as well. (note 21) A fact that wouldn’t be changed if you spelled it with the Hebrew phonetic alphabet.

There is a group of itinerant gypsy-like travelers in Germany and other countries who have their own language. (They are not gypsies though) They are known as “Travellers” or “Tinkers” in the various countries they are found. Their language is called Yeniche. And guess what? Yiddish is found in it. How could that be? Do they come from the Holy Land too?! People give unplausible explanations, such as that they were both persecuted and hence they mixed. The Tinkers go back hundreds of years. Perhaps there was a portion of Tinkers who realized that posing as Jews had some trading benefits, and became what we know as Ashkenazi Jews. Why else would present-day Tinkers have yiddish in their language? “Yeniche” and “yiddish” are practically even the same word. Regardless of how outlandish and perhaps false this assertion is, one can’t ignore that yiddish, yeniche, and DNA studies point that Ashkenazi Jews do not have Israel as their historic origin.

Auschwitz web site

California State Department of Finance
Demographic Research Unit
dowload the excel spreadsheet from this site.
California’s population in 1930 was 5,677,251
California’s population in 1940 was 6,907,387

Auschwitz Museum Website.
Here’s the efficient and fast way to kill that small number of 6 million, and to have your workers doing a good job considering the huge labor shortage in Germany:

“After several weeks on such starvation rations in the camp, most prisoners began to experience organic deterioration that led to the so-called “Muzulman” state, extreme physical exhaustion that ended in death.”

“A WVHA decree of March 31, 1942 established a minimum working day of eleven hours in all concentration camps. At Auschwitz, labor was one of the means used to destroy prisoners.”

Auschwitz Museum Website:

California State Department of Finance
Demographic Research Unit
dowload the excel spreadsheet from this site.
San Diego County population in 1940: 289,348

CIA World Factbook:
Population of Israel: 6,199,008 (July 2002 est.)
note: includes about 187,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank, about 20,000 in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, more than 5,000 in the Gaza Strip, and fewer than 177,000 in East Jerusalem (July 2004 est.)

Simon Wiesenthal Center website

Hillel website

Wall Street Journal Editorial

Auschwitz web site:
“Other buildings were assigned to officers and non-commissioned officers from the camp SS garrison, who sometimes came here with their whole families. ”

BBC bio on Ariel Sharon:

PNAC (Project for the New American Century) is the group that has major pull in the Bush administration. Look at the predominance of Ashkenazi Jewish names of the signatories on the bottom. Maybe a hundred years ago there was a Project For the New Russian Century!

See this paper on Ellie Wiesel’s ridiculous testimony. Weisel said things that no one believes today. Yet he’s a Nobel Peace prize winner. This is written by a dissident professor Robert Faurisson. Notice how he backs up with notes, every assertion that he makes.

Look at number 4 on this chart and then find “4” on the graph:

21) See:

Similarly “nosh” as in “nosh a bagel at Noah’s” comes from Middle High German as well.

“Yiddish nash, from nashn, to eat sweets, nibble on, from Middle High German naschen, to nibble,”See:


You might be wondering if this is some kind of Photoshop forgery. It isn’t. Even Nizkor.org, a site dedicated to combatting holocaust revisionism on the internet, confirms the plaque was changed: They write “This was followed by a ‘re-evaluation’ of the total deaths at Auschwitz (down to 1.1 million).” See:

The 4 million figure was constantly referred to in the American press. Picking an example out of a large hat, we have Time Magazine Oct 2, 1989, pg. 25 article on Auschwitz: “……the Holocaust; 4 million people died there, an estimated 2.5 million of them Jews.

But the Plaque with incorrect information wasn’t enough. The gas chamber wasn’t the real gas chamber. David Irving writes,

“They have finally conceded on their (Auschwitz) website, i.e. admitted in public, something that their staff knew all along but were forbidden by their former communist chief Franciszek Piper, under pain of instant dismissal, to inform visitors: the fact namely that the ‘gas chamber’ that they have been showing to tourists since 1945 is a Madame-Tussaud’s-type fake, built by the Polish Communist government several years after the Second World War.
Millions of European school children have been bussed to that site, and obliged to shudder in the cold, impersonal chamber, believing that similar millions of human beings had died within its walls.” See

The Kingdom in the Country by James Conaway, Pg. 166
copyright 1987, Avon Books
ISBN 0-380-71613-5

24) Village Voice article:

“In it, (Avraham) Stern held that the ‘establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East. Proceeding from these considerations, [the Lehi] in Palestine, under the condition [that] the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side.‘”


That the head of the NKVD for a time was Lazar Kaganovich and he was Jewish is agreed on by all historians. That the purges involved 5 million deaths is also agreed on. See the book “The Stalin Purges” by Robert Conquest.

Regarding the Jews in the NKVD, see a website called “Ukrainian Archive” at ukar.org. I’m not too familar with this site but it seems credible, and also gives what appear to be credible sources:

See this quote from the site. Simferopol is in the Ukraine:
“On the right-hand wall was a stone memorial plaque engraved with the names of about thirty KGB men from Simferopol who had fallen in the Great Patriotic War, as the Soviets call World War II. I was shocked and angry as I read the names: the first was Polonski and the last Levinstein, and all those between were ones like Zalmonowitz, Geller and Kagan — all Jews. The best of Jewish youth in Russia, the cradle of Zionism, had sold itself and its soul to the Red Devil. (The Demjanjuk Affair: The Rise and Fall of a Show-Trial, 1994, p. 301)”

“Out of every 10 senior members
of the Cheka-GPU-NKVD in Ukraine:
6 were Jewish,
2 were Russian,
1 was Ukrainian, and
1 was other.”

Terms of a truce. Were I authorized to represent the Ukrainian position in negotiating with Jews a cessation of verbal hostilities, I might open with ‘If you stop fabricating lies about us, we will stop disclosing the truth about you.'”

26) Taken from the publication “The Nation” 8/12/96


Washington Report on the Middle East Affairs

28) Slate Editor, Jack Schafer:

29) Adbusters Editor


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