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“The New Colossus” – k0nslified

My spoof of “The New Colossus”, with a twist of my own “humour”: My poem wasn’t appreciated, though. Let’s see: [gist][/gist] …except FreeSpencer was the one who got booted [divider]Raw[/divider] Give me your great server, even your poor ones, Your overburdened HDDs yearning to be reformatted, The glitched WHMCS on your insecure website. Et cetera.

A Proposal for Roberto Muehlenkamp

Dear donkey Muehlenkamp, I heard from a source that you’re involved in a new start-up where a new web page is to be launched, which has as it’s stated aim to “once and for all shut the Holocaust deniers up” – employing your esteemed “wall of text” technique which contain little or nothing of relevance to

Holocaust Controversies’ Troll is “pwned”

I recently came across one of the most prolific trolls of the Holocaust Controversies’ blog, somebody with the moniker “Bernard”. This person has a host of different monikers and spends his days “trolling” people. But ultimately even a troll must meet his creator, and so the story goes. Bernard was pwned, there’s no other word